On Being Alone

ilovemeWhat a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be ~ Ellen Burstyn

Many times we stay in unhealthy relationships because we are afraid of being “alone”. In reality we are afraid of being with ourselves. And we are afraid of being with ourselves because we are afraid of what we will find, we are afraid of not liking our own company, we are afraid of facing whatever demons and despair we have been running from. Continue reading

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to combat spammers and keep actual people from being mistaken as robots I now authenticate users as they register. There are about 100 spammers trying to register each day and I just delete them.

To register to post on the site, send me email sj_elliott AT Verizon DOT net REGISTER and then send me email that you are neither a spammer nor a robot. Thanks.

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Achieving HAPPY

smile“If we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.” – Edith Wharton

The holidays tend to push someone else’s idea of happiness upon us. We are told Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year” and Easter is the time for new beginnings, but we can’t figure out, half the time, what that means.

What we are told and what we feel about it are often two different things. We feel stressed, hurried, broke and on edge. Continue reading

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Easter Soaps Special

soap17The Sleepy Hollow Soaps, Smudges & Such website is not officially up yet…but still the same we’re running an Easter special on our soaps – now through Sunday – and with each order you receive the .pdf version of “Letting Go and Cleansing Rituals” booklet which is an expanded version of the chapter in the workbook.


I have been making videos during soap and scrub making because I learned to do it by watching so many other very generous YouTubers and I want to pay it forward. I WILL be making more GPYB videos and also a video on the letting go and cleansing rituals and the importance thereof. I am running the soap, candle and scrub specials in advance of that video as they won’t be as available once I do that video (my experience at trade shows and conferences is that once I explain the process, the soaps, candles, smudges, abalone shells etc tend to fly off the shelf.) So get them now while they last AND have them on hand for the video that explains it all!

In the meantime, go to the GPYP channel and watch the soap and scrub making videos to learn about the essential oil goodness in our soaps!


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Getting Back Out There Available for PreOrder!

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Hangout – Bootcamps

4/17 Several people wrote me that the Hangout/Bootcamp sold out while they weren’t even aware of it yet and they wanted to join. The current one has 6 members which is the most I can have in a bootcamp. But I can start another one if people are interested. Pls write me (sj_elliott AT verizon DOT NET) if you are interested in one and I can start one a week or so after this one starts.

Very excited that the first Bootcamp Hangout is SOLD OUT in about 12 hours!

Awesome group that is going to be participating. Good mix of men/women and different lengths of relationships and breakup time. We will report back when it is completed. I was reluctant to restart the bootcamps but I think this will be great. I think the face-to-face HANGOUT component will be wonderful and will really really lend a more personal touch to the experience.

If you want to read the description for the next one (I hope this goes well and will offer another one in September.) read after the jump.
Continue reading

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4/9 Check in thread

Green Check MarkThe last one appears to be lost in the shuffle. HOW IS EVERYONE DOING???

Check in here!

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May 16th Retreat

I have to let Natalie know if we’re on or not and I need to know who is interested by 4/15.

I am working with Founder’s Inn & Spa in Virginia Beach VA and Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim to have a women’s “Taking Care of ME!” weekend the 16th of May. The cost of the retreat will be around $600 which includes an incredibly comfortable room in a fabulous Inn for 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and snacks throughout. It also includes full use of the pools and fitness center (absolutely lovely!) 10 percent off spa treatments, 25 percent off SHSoap Products and all retreat materials. I will be bringing GPYB books and will also give advance copies of Getting Back Out There to all retreatants.

IMPORTANT: FEBRUARY WOMEN RETREATANTS ARE ALL PAID IN FULL….YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY EXTRA EVEN THOUGH THIS RETREAT COSTS MORE DUE TO NATALIE’S PARTICIPATION!!!! (I have to cover her expenses from London.) IF YOU NEED ANY MORE INFORMATION, EMAIL ME…you don’t have to pay more for attending this retreat even if you paid less last time.

If you want to join us, please RSVP with me via email sj_elliott AT verizon DOT net. Even if you were a February retreatant, I need to know if you will be there in May for this exciting weekend!!!

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May 16th Women’s Retreat

We have not opened registration yet, but Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim is coming from London to co-host with me at the Founder’s Inn & Spa in Virginia Beach. If you are interested, please let me know so I can include you as registration will be limited. February registrants will be given preference but you must let me know you are going. Thank you all!!!

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