What Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Give A Crap About

Brad Pitt.

That’s what.

It is the media that can’t get over it. The media needs breakup recovery. The media needs to LET IT GO.

Reporters call me quite a bit about what I think about this celebrity and his or her ex and that celebrity. Many times they don’t like my take or that I don’t agree with them and they move on to find a quotable “expert” that does agree with them. Fine. Whatever. (One of my kids suggested I turn celeb breakup news into a semi-regular blog post and I’ve resisted because I really don’t follow celebrity news.)

But today I make an exception after getting a phone call asking about what does Jennifer Aniston REALLY think about Brad Pitt’s engagement sort of put me over the edge.

I don’t know Jen, and if I did I wouldn’t be sharing what she thinks with them, so I don’t know why they asked me. I don’t read minds and I don’t want to, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say SHE DOESN’T CARE. And why should she? She shouldn’t. Why people go all gah gah about Brad and Angelina is beyond me…but if you want to, fine…but it’s time, way way way overdue, to leave Jennifer Aniston OUT OF IT.

I think of people on here that struggle with hearing about their ex and think that they can put their own stuff into perspective when they read about Jennifer Aniston. How difficult do you find it when people talk about your ex? Imagine them talking about it years and years afterwards in major publications, websites and gossip rags.

A few years ago someone said to me, “I know you had a bad divorce but….” and I was thinking, “What? My divorce years and years ago has nothing to do with what I’m saying here.” They seemed to think I was thinking of (and being bitter about) my ex. I can’t think of many things that are less true. They were projecting bitterness and remorse onto me where none existed. And this speculation didn’t even make People or OK! magazine and read by thousands. And I was annoyed and irritated that it was even brought up. I can’t imagine how Jennifer Aniston must feel. People: (human people and magazines titled People) Let. It. Go.


Dear media: IT’S BEEN YEARS. Although you have had the “poor Jen” theme going for a long time, the woman is smart, funny, talented, wealthy and has a great boyfriend. She’s not pining for anything or anyone. She’s fine. She’s more than fine. She’s happy and healthy and has a lot of living to do. I doubt she thinks about Brad except when you idiots are hounding her about it. So, stop it.

It’s not Jen that needs to get over it, it’s YOU. Find something or someone else to write about. And if you can’t, you need to find another profession. And if you don’t, don’t call me about it because I will just tell you that Jen has moved on and you should too.

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7 Responses to What Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Give A Crap About

  1. Laney says:

    So true. I find those articles so annoying! That divorce happened ages ago. But the problem is that there are people reading those articles or they wouldn’t sell their rags.

  2. manapink manapink says:

    Amen, Susan!!!

  3. tara001 says:

    I’m laffing so hard at this — priceless! The media wolves need to do their own breakup with that old, old, old news, and get a life of their own.

    Or, here’s an idea; if the media moguls put 1/10th as much energy and time into their OWN personal relationships as they do to speculating and oogling and ooohing and aaaaahing over other peoples’ lives, wouldn’t that be great! The world would be a better place for it.

  4. tara001 says:

    OK, I know the 6-word story contest is over, but I couldn’t resist:

    Brangelina. (yawn)
    Jen’s SO over that.

  5. Natalie says:


    It’s disgusting that the media keeps wanting to force Jennifer Aniston into the definitive “poor ex-wife” cubicle. The woman has moved on! If this is the fodder that people read and thus use as a handbook on relationships that have ended, no one will EVER move forward!

  6. YesME says:

    I wondered if Jennifer Anniston could stand the relentless coverage, and everyone else is worried about FB, she literally turns on the TV, radio, email and there it all is. So interesting that you wrote about this, because truly I was wondering about this myself recently. I have such a hard time not thinking of my ex, and what he is doing, how I wish I was living the life with him. I know I have to live my life, I do live it. It is a bit hard when I do things alone we wanted to do together. Anyway, I did wonder how she must handle all that Brangelina coverage.

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