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Griselda Uglyheart….way way in denial…and – in my opinion – a horrible human being as well

I wrote this months ago and the lady in question, Griselda Uglyheart, has been writing me telling ME how wrong I am. She is way in denial and is taking her husband’s horrible behavior out on a CHILD. She wanted … Continue reading

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Another Splitting Post

I have written about 8-10 “splitting” posts. Here is one that was requested. I was in a long-term relationship that I’ve written about on here. We were in a 4 year relationship and it was a pretty nice relationship but … Continue reading

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7/29 Check In Thread

How is everyone doing?

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Being a Doormat Doesn’t Make You “Nice” or “Loving”; It Makes You Stupid

Based on comments, this needs a rerun. I have said over and over again that healthy boundaries are the key to good relationships. Yet I keep hearing people say “I’m a good person who was good to him or her … Continue reading

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Posting and spam

To avoid spammers getting on the board, we have a fairly sophisticated spam filter in place. Sophisticated doesn’t mean it’s not stupid. Sometimes it does things that have no rhyme or reason, but here is how it’s supposed to work: … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Answer Is, Simply, “This Isn’t It For Me.”

If I had to vote for my least popular post, this would be it. But it’s one of the most important I’ve ever written. It contains observations and things that NO ONE wants to hear. Sorry. But it’s helpful to … Continue reading

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Four Basic Needs

I used to start a lot of sentences with “I need….” and most of them ended with “I need THAT person to stop doing that TO ME.” “I need THAT person to change THIS way…” “I need that horrible thing … Continue reading

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7/15 Check in Post

How is everyone doing? (If you’re new and posted in the last check in at the end, feel free to repost here…well, that goes for everyone but I wanted new people to know how it works..we want to make sure … Continue reading

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Color Me Calm

Example of a Mandala Psychology Today post Color Me Calm

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Loneliness As A Risk Factor For a Bad/Sick Relationship

“One of the first steps of recovery is to develop a full life for yourself. Nothing happens until that occurs. Have a plan what to do if you get lonely so you don’t do the disasterous ‘Drink and Dial!’ Or … Continue reading

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