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Know What Hurts and Stop the Pain

One of my favorite Melody Beattie lines is that when you are recovering, it’s important to know what hurts and learn to stop the pain. When my kids were going into high school they had to have immunizations. They are … Continue reading

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GPYB Workbook

SALE ENDS TONIGHT!!!! We have several new members who asked about the next workbook sale, so here it is. You have the choice of on-line (fillable .pdf), off-line (print out the work sheets) and both (some people want both). The … Continue reading

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Torch Song Trilogy

A perennial favorite on the blog and requested repost: I saw this movie in the theater when it came out and I was pretty tortured and depressed at the time. I had just ended my marriage and was wrestling with … Continue reading

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I have created a GBOT FB group. I will be posting previews and highlights from the new book and it’s a group so you are free to share and ask questions. It’s a closed group. To join go to: GBOT … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It’s Just Not It

Requested repost. Not every post or every reader is about bad relationships. This blog and the book are about relationships that run the gamut. Many times the relationships are okay or even good and one person just says, “You know … Continue reading

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Passive Aggressive People (ARRRGGGHH)

Requested Repost:Passive Aggressive Personalities The term “passive aggressive” originated in World War II to describe soldiers who passively avoided work or combat by procrastinating, pretending not to know what to do or which way to go, lagging behind and purposely … Continue reading

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you now have the option to post with your screen name or with your facebook name. If it freaks you out that it shows your fb name (it shouldn’t unless it’s in your profile) just hit “Default Commenting” and it … Continue reading

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Mail: We Get Mail on Friendship

The other day a client reminded me about this post and I was thinking about it in response to comments, so here is the original: Dear Susan: I have trouble with a new good friend of my best friend. This … Continue reading

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6/25 Check in Post

How is everyone doing now that summer is officially upon us?

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Workbook video

I’ve received over a dozen emails about the contents of the workbook so I thought I’d repost the link to the video:

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