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You’re Not Who I Thought You Were

Requested repost and appropriate for the recent check in thread: After my first few post-divorce breakups, I started to tell people that “anyone is capable of anything at any time.” It’s not that anyone will DO anything at any time, … Continue reading

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GBOT review

New review for GBOT

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Searching in Grief

Requested repost: Pining is the subjective and emotional component of urge to search for the lost object. ~ Colin Murray Parkes Colin Murray Parkes was a grief expert who studied the phases of grief and the behavior in those who … Continue reading

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Observations From The Unplugged

My commute runs along the Hudson River. I stand on the platform every morning and look at the birds, the boats, the river, the opposite shore. I look at my fellow commuters and they are all looking down. At their … Continue reading

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Public Aloneness

So many parts of uncoupling are scary and sad. Part of the grief felt after a breakup is the idea of being alone during social events. You are ALONE and everyone can see that. The world seems different when we … Continue reading

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10 Things To Know About Real Love

Psychology Today post:

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Clean Grief versus Hollow Grief

I wrote this post 3 weeks after Michael’s seizure so it really was “in the moment” type of posting. At the time I really struggled with keeping this blog going and maintaining my new-found position as the person in charge … Continue reading

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Finding and Embracing the Real You

The honeymoon is overAnd we find that dining by candlelight makes us squint,And that all the timeI was letting him borrow my comb and hang up his wet raincoat in my closet,I was really waitingTo stop letting him. – Judith … Continue reading

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Half Measures Get You Nowhere

This started out as a comment to Lima who asked me what happened when I found the love letter to my husband from his coworker. It turned into this so I decided to make it a post instead of a … Continue reading

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Unconditional Doesn’t Mean Anything Goes

This is not a complete excerpt from GBOT but it’s a close one. This is from an earlier draft of the book (I somehow don’t have the last draft) but the actual published chapter is much better. But this is … Continue reading

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