Susan J. Elliott

me213Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. is the developer of the Getting Past Your Past series of workshops and seminars, author of “Getting Past Your Breakup:  How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You” (Da Capo, 2009), “Getting Back Out There: Successful Dating and Finding Real Love After the Big Breakup” (Da Capo, 2015) and the “Getting Past Your Past: Definitive Workbook to Healing, Health and Happiness” (La Bella Vita 2012). She is a media commentator (interviewed and quoted extensively on television, radio, print and internet), speaker, relationship coach, developer of Getting Past Your Breakup bootcamps (both live and on-line), and author of the Getting Past Your Past and Getting Past Your Breakup blogs. 

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Holyoke College where she graduated magna cum laude with High Honors and Phi Beta Kappa, her Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge College and her Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley.

She lives in New York.

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Long needed rest

Long needed rest

Getting ready to rock

Getting ready to rock

Photo by Jeff Crespi of   If you need a photog for an event, he's great

Photo by Jeff Crespi of If you need a photog for an event, he’s great photographer

Our yearly brain tumor walk on Governor's Island

Our yearly brain tumor walk on Governor’s Island

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6 Responses to Susan J. Elliott

  1. mrsvidivan says:

    I have been married for 18 years. We dated for 5 years before we married. Now my husband wants to end the relationship. I have moved into an apt closer to my job. We both work in the same office for the past 2 years. Now I am having difficulty functioning at work because I have to see him everyday. It started bcuz his ex called the house. He couldn’t make up his mind what he wanted to do. He later told me he didn’t know how to deal with the situation so he just shut me completely out. He doesn’t understand why we can’t be friends. He wants to continue to bring me gifts, talk to me at work as if nothing is going on between us. I don’t want to see him, talk to him, hear his voice. I want to move on. He initially said he wanted to work it out and now he is saying he doesn’t. We never tried to work it out. His excuse is it’s him not me. My boss wanted to get rid of him but I can’t afford to make it on what I get paid if he loses his job. My boss says he will fire him before he gets rid of me. I don’t know what to do. I am feeling all sorts of emotions. We have been separated 2 months. The other night is when he decided we could go no further. I don’t know how to balance all of this.

    • Susan J. Elliott Susan J. Elliott says:

      Welcome to the blog. You will find a lot of support here. My suggestion is to copy this post to the Check-in Thread so you can introduce yourself to the group. you will get a lot of support here.

  2. mrsvidivan says:

    How do I copy into check in thread

  3. firstlovebpd31 says:

    Y I am in the first few chapters of this amazing book. Im in a muddle. Ive done the firsr rule No contact.
    Its taken me at least two months to do this. Ive changed my number and.deleted my ex’s number and his family and friends. This book is really helping as on top of it.being my first love we were together for seven years and having a.child together. So now im having to start legal action. I want to be civil but its extremely hard as my ex all of a sudden wants his daughter for over night visits, but he wants to take her to host houses. I dont feel comfortable about it as i barely see him or know.if. his mentally capiable to independantly care for.our daughter. Im also not.on good.terms with his family especially the mother so i can go through her. But im hoping i can find some stradigies in this book but im also seeking legal aid. I dont know if its unfair but im not letting my ex take our daughter till we have signed.some legal documentation.
    Im not sure if anyone has any advice or ideas but id love to hear it.

    • Susan J. Elliott Susan J. Elliott says:

      Without legal documentation he can do what he wants, as he’s her father. You need to get to a lawyer right away. What state are you in? Many states have family law offices in the courthouse where you can go get legal advice. In the meantime, I’d tell him that unless he has a place where she can go (that is HIS) no overnight visitations. You are under no obligation to let him drag her around to different houses. If you doubt his mental capacity, get supervised visitation and get it right away.

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