The Aftermath of a Breakup with the Personality Disordered

After a bit of a hiatus, the “Navigating the Aftermath of a Breakup with the Personality Disordered (or at the very least, highly dysfunctional)” book, bootcamp and podcast episodes are moving along very very well.

As one of the few people who truly knows both sides of the “fence,” (as a mental health professional and a legal professional), I truly want the podcasts, the bootcamp and the book to be as helpful as it can be to as many people as it can be.

The book will be a mix of strategies to cope with the aftermath of a breakup with these destructive and ruthless individuals whether or not they have been properly diagnosed as personality-disordered (as most narcissists and sociopaths don’t find their way to get help) or are just very dysfunctional lunatics who harass you.  It will include legal information for those who are going through divorce or co-parenting situations.

If anyone has motions, orders, or other legal documents they would like to share with me, I will keep them in strictest confidence (I have to as an attorney and officer of the court), please send them to

It is really helpful for me to see the different ways that various jurisdictions handle things (even if it’s Canada or the UK). If your motion was granted or denied, that is important too.

If you want to send me any kind of narrative regarding your story/situation, please do. Again, it will be held in strictest confidence. 

The bootcamp is mostly about the emotional toll these individuals take and how to heal from them but legal information will be available as well.I have been working on the book for more than 2 years and working on developing the bootcamp for more than a year and it’s half sold out. Because I am devoting all of 2019 to the new books and my health, this is the ONLY bootcamp which will be offered for the foreseeable future.

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