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Sunday Chips

Celebrating milestones is important to people who are resisting negative behavioral impulses. We celebrate NC Chips every Sunday  the Facebook Group.  To find out more about the Facebook Group and other resources, go to the GPYB Resources page HERE And if you do not...

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GPYP/GPYB Power! Affirmations Level 2

For a list of ALL GPYP/GPYB/GBOT Resources go HERE. If you need more information about the Workbook go to THIS PAGE. What is GPYP Power! Affirmations Booklet?  This is THE Material  for those who are SERIOUS about new self-image, positive self-talk and moving ON with...

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The Wha Wha Wha FFS WTF Meltdown

Note: there are several GPYB "Wha Wha Meltdown" posts. There is the Wha Wha Wha Working Too Hard Meltdown....the Wha Wha Wha Why Me Meltdown...etc....they all have the same theme....we're working hard while the world is off having fun and one day we just don't WANT TO...

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