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10 Ways To Tell If You’re Being Gaslighted

Backstory to this post:  This is one of the classic GPYB posts and I am reposting for a new FB group member who never heard the term. It's all about narcissistic abuse. I originally wrote this for Psychology Today. As I bring the GPYB website back on-line, I'm trying...

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Reconciliation: A Means or an End?

Backstory to this post: Reposting in response to questions/comments in the Facebook GroupCopyright @ Susan J. Elliott"The only hope is no hope." ~ George Costanza Most of the time we don't talk about reconciliations. I find that there is a small percentage of couples...

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Five Ways To Combat Post-Breakup Obsession

by Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. Author: Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You (Hachette Book Group 2009)Getting Back Out There: Secrets to Successful Dating and Finding Real Love After the Big Breakup...

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Living In The In-Between

by Susan J. Elliott J.D., M.Ed.Copyright © 2006-2019When I was in graduate school, I was changing my life as were many fellow "adult learners" as we night program students were called. To help some of us deal with our new position in life as "students" when most of us...

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