Beginning Anew

Your ultimate goal in life is to become your best self. Your immediate goal is to get on the path that will put you there.
David Viscott

Today is Monday.

Monday seems to be everyone’s “do over” day.  It’s the day to “begin” whatever new resolution you have, whatever new way of being you’re going to be.

How many times have you said, “TODAY things are going to be DIFFERENT“?  And then they’re not?  And then that defeat just keeps you tied into a defeatist mindset (I can’t do anything right!) and that keeps us from moving ahead.

Everyone is going to start everything on Monday (diet, exercise, doing things differently) or on January 1st. But a resolution stated once and soon forgotten about amounts to nothing more than a wish.   That is why, by Wednesday, the new way of being is gone and you are vowing, ONCE AGAIN, to start over on MONDAY.Resolve has to happen EVERYDAY, whether it’s Monday or Tuesdayor Thursday or July 15th.  It has to happen every day of every year.To change permanently, there has to be a commitment in place.  A commitment renewed every single day.

EVERY DAY put in writing your commitment to yourself and your new change, whether it’s a new food plan, a new exercise regime, not drinking, not smoking, not speaking to the ex, not engaging in unhealthy behavior etc.

Take time EVERY DAY to visualize the new you.  Spend some quiet time alone and picture the YOU that you want to be going through a day.  Start to see yourself being the best person you can be. Start to see yourself implenting the changed person you want to be.

Start to affirm that “I am changing and growing.” and keep that commitment to yourself every day. Make it the first thing and the last thing you say each day. Make the commitment real.  Otherwise it is just a wish.

I knew an elderly woman who used to say if wishes were fishes, we’d all have a good swim.  Most of us have a good swim every week from Monday to Wednesday or every January 1 to January 15th.

We also talk in GPYP/GPYB workshops and bootcamps about how to use affirmations and positive self-talk to set your goals and achieve your dreams. Once we inject positivity into our lives, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Everything starts to become easier. 

When planning out our goals, we often overlook the fact that a short-term AND long-term goal is to be committed to the process.  It’s SO important to set a goal EVERY DAY of committing to change.  It’s so important to re-establish your change and your commitment to seeing it through each and every day. 

If you have had a slide recently, it’s time to stop sliding.  We can do it over at any time…this day, this hour, this minute, this second.  Forget about superficial “start lines” like Mondays or the first of the year.  Do it NOW.  Do it TODAY.  This day, this hour, this minute, this second. 

Don’t keep wishing to change. Plan it, define it and commit to it.  As we say in bootcamps and workshops: wishing doesn’t make it so…the only thing that makes it so is ACTIVELY changing your thoughts and behaviors and working on the things holding you back. 

Monday morning wishes hold us back.  The defeatist thinking that happens on Wednesday, “Oh no, I screwed up, now I have to wait until next Monday to start all over.” holds us back.  If you slip on Wednesday or Tuesday or Thursday, just recommit to yourself and resolve to start over NOW, in the next MINUTE, not next Monday.

 TODAY you need to resolve that you are going to commit today and every day to be on the path to being the best person you can be, and next Monday you will not have to have a “do over” .


Every day make the commitment to change your life.

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