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We have JUST moved ISPs. Some things are still a bit goofy, but we will get everything back in the next few days. The blog is 12 years old so we have a LOT of broken links, but if you’re looking for something, the fix is simple:    If you click on a link and it’s broken, the most likely culprit is the /gettingpastyourpast in the URL – just take that out and it should work.


See the line through it?  It means that the link is broken.  So take /gettingpastyourpast out and make it

and it works!  If it doesn’t please email me. The reasons for the switch after the jump.After six years of a horror show of a relationship with HostGator, I moved the blog to Bluehost which I had the “Getting Back Out There” website with previously. I have also moved the GPYB bootcamps, previously a subdirectory of this blog, onto it’s own domain on Bluehost so that performance would not be degraded when I have more than one bootcamp going.  I am working on getting both sites up and running but they are both – for lack of a better term – under construction.  The media files are missing links and I’m trying to redo an awful lot on both sites but I’m so relieved to be away from HostGator who cannot seem to provide support and cannot seem to allow WP plugins which are vital to the smooth running of a WordPress site.  Stay tuned for better performance and lots of nice features – including the podcast (the last straw with HostGator was being unable to install the podcast plugin).x  If you want to join us – go to Facebook Groups –

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