CyberBullies on the Interwebs

bullyingMy Own Experiences with Internet Hate and Social Media Bullying

In commenting on public space about those who are not anonymous, I try to avoid the cyberbully/internet stalker mentality.

I do not want to be part of an angry, anonymous mob with torches and pitchforks. In addition to all the familiarity I have professionally and personally as explained in my posts on stalking,  I’ve also been the target of anonymous internet bullies.

I made a few comments one night on a Scientology topic and said that Scientology was mental illness.  Leah Remini retweeted those comments and then the proverbial crap hit the fan.  For some reason, my comments quoted by Ms. Remini sparked the outrage of several internet bullies against me and they accused ME of being the bully though they targeted and attacked me. And then they called me a bully. Oh my…what a bunch of stupid in that crowd.

They wrote up a bunch of crap on a hate site and then sent mail to my boss and other firms we work with to cite to the nonsense they wrote.  It’s a very weird terrorist mentality that they derive great pleasure from.  It must be exhausting to have such a teeny tiny life that you have the time and energy to do this kind of thing. “I don’t like what she said!  Let’s GET HER!!!”  What a bunch of little pissants.  It amazes me that these ridiculous people even exist…let alone crawl out from under their rocks to poke at someone they don’t know because that person exercised their right to exist and practice free speech.  Horrible little maggots without a life to call their own.  Must suck to be them.

I did not go after them. They went after me.  One accused me of “attacking children” via insane, asinine rambling emails full of misspelled words, misunderstood concepts and clear evidence of “not playing with a full deck.”  Since the 1990s I have been about helping others.  They are parasites who want to destroy others in a warped sense of making themselves feel better, bigger and more masculine.  Oh tough boys…too soft to really show yourselves.  We have ways of finding out who you are.  It’s not too hard.

Supposedly (and I found this was not true either), one of the people that I called an idiot was a teenager. As if I would know that, and if I would care.  If you crawl out from under a rock to attack me, you are just some nameless, faceless, ageless internet troll and I will take aim back at you.  So much for attacking “children.” Boo freaking hoo.

Unhappy in their own failed lives, they take aim at others who are out living life and being fairly successful. Poor them.  Teenagers should not be attacking people if they don’t want to be attacked back.  Again, boo freaking hoo.

I once had over 2000 Twitter followers but I took my account down at the request of my employer. I’ve put it back up twice now and won’t take it down again. You can Follow Me On Twitter HERE

I’ve been writing a  lot about cyberbullying and stalking…all of this to be published fairly soon.  I may even name names as I collect them (and I am collecting them).

For a while, I ignored them at the behest of my boss.  However, behind the scenes, I reported them to authorities.  I reported the ones I could identify – and one of the bullies – some idiotic, can’t-spell-to-save-his-life, 71 year old moron from Ohio who emails and posts under many names (multiple personalities?) He continues to be obsessed with me and follows me around the internet, posting in various places about how I’ve made up stories of being molested by a military recruitment officer (the story is true, his re-telling of it is not).  My story about what happened to me in that military recruitment office is true and it changed the course of my life and if some sniveling, idiotic 71 year old maggot from Youngstown Ohio doesn’t like that I tell it, TOO DAMN BAD. It’s my life and my story and you have no evidence that it DIDN’T happen.

You don’t know my life. If you had a life of your own you would not be so worried about me and my experiences.  If it makes you feel like a MAN to try to ruin the life of someone you don’t know because they say things you don’t like, then you need to take some Viagra to boost your testosterone and feel like a man and leave me alone. This is the United States and I’m entitled to all my opinions that YOU DON’T LIKE.

The Ohio guy has a serious reading comprehension defect and an even more serious inability to spell anything. And an amazing lack of a life or some kind of misguided fantasy that he’s anonymous.  He’s not. If you slander someone on the internet, which he did to me, you can request his identity from the ISP and they will gladly give it.  Especially if you have .esq after your name.  If you’re going to attack people, you should think about doing it to lawyers.  Lawyers don’t play nicely.  They truly don’t.  I made ONE call to the ISP, identified myself as an attorney, had to give my bar number and a call back number and once they verified it, I  received more data than I thought I would.  Interesting.  ISPs don’t like to be sued by angry lawyers.

It’s this level of intellect we’re dealing with when it comes to internet abuse.  My guess is that his IQ does not extend beyond double digits. And these freaks are not shutting me down again. Too bad, so sad.

I know who he is, and now law enforcement does too.  He can’t spell but might want to use his computer for something more than sitting in the dark in his crusties, spitting bile at the screen and objecting to the First Amendment rights of some New York liberal lawyer.

I know, and have reported, the various emails he sends his garbage from. I had a private investigator look into him and his family.  This person has sent lies about me to publications I write for and firms I work for and other firms my firm works with.   He, for some reason, feels it’s his right to TRY TO destroy my life though I’ve done nothing to this man and he’s made me a target because I said a few things one night on a social media site that he doesn’t like.

I have spoken to women attorneys about how women are harassed and, yes stalked, on the internet in an effort to shut them up.  I post my own experience about it now and again.  Those who know me or have followed this blog for years know that I take down and put up articles.  The articles about “Women: SHUT YOUR MOUTH” will be back again.  I don’t want the story to be stale by being easily accessible.  When the topic comes up in social media, the article will return.  Right now my articles aimed at the bullies and at the Ohio clown are being held in abeyance.  You will see that article again and it will name names.

Following my own advice about stalking, I made a report to the police and I made several reports to the Ohio fringe lunatic’s ISPs. I’ve also consulted a lawyer about a defamation suit when he accused me of plagiarism (though he misspelled it almost as badly as he understood it).

As an author and an attorney, that charge – which was made because I quoted lies and insults about me from a hate site where bullies congregate and I didn’t provide a name or a link to it – was a lightening rod to me.  Instead of just sighing at his lack of a life and inability to spell plagiarism let alone understand what it is, I became really angry and now wanted to sue.  Even if I don’t sue, I’m making a record. He’s been identified to local (here and in Ohio) law enforcement and at least one attorney urged me to report him to the FBI because he’s targeting me over state lines.   When people make suggestions to you about how to stop a stalker, it may seem extreme. Listen to them, please.

(Hey, stupid guy in Ohio, listen up: quoting a hate site and what they say about you without naming the site or providing a link is not plagiarism (note: there are no “e”s in this word) in this or any other country in the world.)

After he leveled this preposterous charge, I spent a few days stomping around about it, documented it to several sources including the police and a defamation attorney. I needed to make a record about it.  He can insult me 7 days a week and mischaracterize the military recruitment story, but to accuse me of something that he simply doesn’t understand and can’t even spell correctly, is not okay and it’s not legal.  In a few days, my ire died down as I realized his stupidity is his just desserts.  Have at it, idiot.

Because most of the other stuff this guy says about me is made up – and it all stems from having the opposite political ideology as he does and saying things he doesn’t like, I have long ignored his barbs to a point.  When they became especially dark and disturbing, I reported them.  So he wraps himself in the flag though – Mr. Patriot seems to not get the First Amendment which protects my rights to say whatever the hell I want to say. I have the right to recount my victimization at the hands of a military recruitment officer when I was just 18.  I have the right to comment on religious leaders who are caught in inappropriate situations. I have the right to talk about these things and if some 71 year old cretin from Ohio doesn’t like it, too damn bad.

Anyway, this is the story so far….and why I try to be careful before attacking anyone who has a public persona and works under their own identity. I do not want to be in the same slime bucket as those anonymous twits who think their opinion matters at all.

So when you read my articles being critical of an expert or someone else, know that I take great precautions against being one of the spewers of hate.  I know what it feels like and I try to avoid it.  If you’ve been a victim of this nonsense, please email me.  I have an upcoming article about it and I would like all the resources I can get. Email me HERE.