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My Own Personal Journey From Abuse
Getting Out of the Abusive Relationship  HERE

Leaving The Abusive Relationship




Gaslighting Video

Was Your Relationship Good For You?

Was Your Relationship Good For You?


Men As Stalking Victims Part 1: Travis Alexander HERE

Men As Stalking Victims Part 2 HERE

I wrote about my own experience with a stalker and PTSD  HERE.

The Personality Disordered:

Is It Narcissism?  Or Why Some People Can’t Love HERE

The Pathological Narcissist HERE

Narcissists and Great Expectations HERE

On Narcissism HERE

The Personality Disordered Ex and/or Co-Parent and the Legal System Podcast Episodes  There are several and the series is on-going.  See examples HERE and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Soundcloud etc.  

Divorcing and C0-Parenting with the Sociopath HERE


Obsession HERE

Obsessive “love” HERE.

Emotional Abuse Video  HERE

Restraining Orders Video HERE

The video of MY STORY

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