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We just moved the blog.  All the articles are here but the links have changed.  You can do a search on “abuse” on this site as we fix the links.

@psychtoday Psychology Today has SILENCED my outreach because I was cyberbullied and they took the side of the cyberbullies! Instead of being part of the solution, Psychology Today decided to be part of the problem.  They took the side of people who came after ME and who said things about ME.  I did not even get a chance to speak or to defend myself…so typical of those who want to keep the abused without a voice.

What these cyberbullies wrote about me was sick, twisted, misogynistic and horrible. Their article was not only full of woman hating language but bigoted, racist and homophobic as well. I sent the copy to Psych Today and they STILL sided with them!

Who would have imagined that Psychology Today would SILENCE the voice of an advocate for abused women everywhere to side with some psychopathic cyber bullies who sent them lies and unfair accusations and who – on the regular – write hateful things about any group that is not white, male and twisted.  It amazed me that they could be so wretched to someone who has done DV outreach for 25 years….the majority of it UNPAID.  I guess is run by a bunch of perpetrators or enablers. In 2018 that is very very very sad.  It’s so hard to recover from abuse.  PT knows that I received many many many comments and emails over the years on my abuse articles from women still IN abusive relationships.  That’s not go mention the emails sent directly to me. They’ve cut off a resource for them at the behest of some horrible cyberbullies.  I still find it difficult to believe.  They should be ashamed.

I know many of you have shared the links over the years, but if you try to access these articles…that were SO important, you will see Access Denied. This is what SILENCE! looks like.  You know the articles are back there  but they are being spiteful and dreadful.

The accessibility of Domestic Violence articles from the standpoint of someone who survived and thrived is SO IMPORTANT but Psychology Today wants that voice silenced for some reason. It’s crazy but okay.  I’m trying to get the message back to you all.

As part of my contract with them, I couldn’t have the articles both here and there so I deleted most of them that once existed here.  Sorry for the delay in updating!  I’m paying someone to help me with the tags and the SEO.  It’s coming!

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