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Thank you for stopping by.  Due to registration issues in WordPress and HostGator, we have moved the commenting to a CLOSED Facebook support group.  To join be sure to answer the questions (why you want membership and you agree to the Group Guidelines [the pinned post]).  To keep the group safe, we do not approve anyone who does not answer the questions OR who JUST joined Facebook. If you don’t want to do FB because you’re NC and FB is a trigger, email me your real name and FB profile and then the NEW FB profile so I can approve it. For more about the group, continue reading.  To go to the group:

If you want to know what the FB Group Guidelines are before posting read them HERE
The Facebook group is an AMAZING group of people.  Please be sure to read the Group Guidelines before posting ANYTHING, Read the GPYB Recommends page (here) and there are many files in the FB Files section that are SO helpful.  There are two downloadable files for you….one is all the GPYB articles on FB and one is all the YouTube videos….both articles have links and descriptions.  So join us and the treasure

I am making a series of videos for the GPYB and GBOT books.  If you have any issues or questions that the books don’t cover, and you don’t want to join the FB group, please send your thoughts and questions to gpybgbotvideo at gmail dot com

That’s GPYB plus GBOT plus Video AT Gmail DOT com

GPYB blog has been in existence since 2007.  There are over 1200 articles but only a small percentage is posted here. We change the posts on here all the time, so if you want one that is archived, please email me at at and request a topic or join the FB group and ask.

If there is a subject you want posted either here or on PT, let me know.  Write me HERE

Go here to sign up:

See you there!!!


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