GPYB Coaching / Counseling – 2018-2019

There are many different options for clients to work the GPYB program, the most successful breakup program in the world and the original source of how most therapists work with newly broken-up clients, including one-on-one with the creator of the program.

However, this option is not always available as the client list often closes for months (or years) at a time.  For the last part of 2018, I am opening the client to new clients for the first time in 2 years.

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Appointment Types

Breakup Coaching/Counseling

You can make an appointment for a consultation or a first appointment.  I usually suggest that clients not purchase a package until we have spoken via consult or appointment.

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Packages/Discount Pricing

After you have had a consultation or first appointment (longer than a consult), and want to book the package, you can do that OR you can continue to make one appointment at a time. If you want to work the program with me, I suggest you purchase a package for a discount. Choose the Package from the Appointment Page

Divorce Coaching

As an attorney, a former psychiatric clinician and a therapist, I know both the legal and the mental health systems in a way few others do.  If you are putting together a list of questions for lawyers, mediators, parenting coordinators, guardian ad litems, etc., you can consult with m before you contact a legal professional or use me as an additional resource through the very difficult legal process.  I have worked with many clients and their attorneys. I have worked with attorneys going through divorce.  A good lawyer knows self-represented attorneys have a fool for a client. Most of my legal clients have a main divorce attorney or mediator and I work to go over paperwork, explain litigation concepts, and general hand-holding at a less expensive hourly rate than most Family Law attorneys.   I also help clients craft communication to the ex which will not get them in emotional or legal trouble.   Choose the Divorce Coach option on the Appointment Page. 

Dating Coaching/Counseling

GBOT – getting back out there counseling is also available.  Choose GBOT on the Appointments Page.

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