GPYB Coaching / Counseling – 2018

Appointment Options

If you need an appointment sooner than the scheduler will allow you to make, please make an appointment and then email me for a change. I will work with anyone who can’t wait days and is in a lot of pain. Just make the schedule, submit payment and then email me for the change and we’ll figure it out together.

You can make an appointment for coaching, for moving through the GPYB process or for consultation for working through the inventories.  Typically a person will make 4-12 appointments over a six-month period.  If you want to work the program with me, I suggest you purchase a package for a discount. You may also want to join one of the groups that will go through the books one chapter at a time.

As an attorney, a former psychiatric clinician and a therapist, I know both the legal and the mental health systems in a way few others do.  If you are putting together a list of questions for lawyers, mediators, parenting coordinators, guardian ad litems, etc., you can consult with m before you contact a legal professional.

If you simply need to work the GPYB program while going through a separation or breakup or divorce, that is available as well.   GBOT – getting back out there counseling is also available – Standards and Compatibility, dating again, starting a new relationship.

I am available for strictly GPYB counseling either to go through the program, chapter by chapter, or just to be a breakup counselor-one or more sessions;  I am available for legal consultation (as in sharing information or explaining what things are as you go through, or get ready to go through, the adversarial process or mediation or self-represented child custody and visitation or divorce.)

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