GPYP Workbook V3 and Power! Affirmations Quick Buy Page

This is the page to purchase the GPYP Workbook and/or the GPYP Power! Affirmations

To buy together, use BUY2 at checkout for a $5.00 discount

This is in the Workbook, but to understand how to use the GPYB, GBOT and the Workbook together go HERE

For information on the GPYP Workbook V3 go HERE

GPYP Workbook V3 Fillable PDF

GPYP Workbook V3 Fillable PDF

GPYP Workbook V3 Non-Fillable PDF

GPYP V3 Non-Fillable


For information on Power! Affirmations go HERE

`Power Affirmations Fillable PDF

GPYP Power! Affirmations Fillable PDF

Power Affirmations Non-Fillable

GPYP Power! Affirmations Non-Fillable




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