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Getting Past Your Breakup Blog

•  https://www.GettingPastYourBreakup.com

This blog started in November 2006.  There are over 2000 articles written but, due to copyright issues and the terms of the GPYB and GBOT book contracts, approximately only 5-10 percent is here at any one time. If you want an article on a subject, please request it by emailing HERE with the subject line: GPYB Blog Post Request.  If you get something out of a GPYB blog article, PLEASE use the Social Share buttons at the bottom and share on social media.

The History of GPYP – GPYB

The ORIGINAL program in the 1990s was Getting Past Your Past.  When I came back to teach it in NY, I found that not only had someone published a book of the same name but the author had the same name (and spelling) as me (how weird is that?) I don’t know if she looked for a title and google’d her name or something and found a reference to me – no idea – but before I discovered her book, I had already started teaching Getting Past Your Past in NYC and had started a Getting Past Your Past blog (on wordpress dot com)  You can see old copies of the GPYP blog and website on the Wayback Machine.

The “other” Susan Elliott, author of the “other” GPYP is a Christian author and GPYB is secu lar (but one of the Getting Past Your Breakup reviews dinged the book because there was too much “Jesus as your husband” in it.  Anyone who has read GPYB knows there is exactly zero references to Jesus, let alone Him being your husband… another time I was dinged for “being a Christian writer who did not mention Jesus once in the book or exhort anyone to pray….” )  So I’ve been dinged by people confusing her book with mine and visa versa.

So we try to differentiate ourselves from her as it has caused issues. The program was changed to Getting Past Your Breakup BUT we use Getting Past Your Past when we are encompassing ALL the materials (Getting Past Your Breakup, Getting Back Out There AND material that was part of the original Getting Past Your Past program).


Getting Past Your Breakup/Getting Back Out There

Getting Past Your Breakup is on numerous Best Breakup Books of All Time. For a partial list, go HERE

Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You is the first book, published in 2009.

Getting Back Out There: Secrets to Successful Dating and Finding Real Love After the Big Breakup is the second book, published in 2015.


• GBOT and GPYB are widely available at bookstores and on-line. They are available in paperback, electronically and in audio. For a list of worldwide availability and how to find in languages other than English CLICK HERE

Please remember to review the books on Amazon (or B&N) and review places like Good Reviews ESPECIALLY Getting Back Out There! (it’s NOT a dating book!  Get it EARLY in your breakup to understand what healthy relationships LOOK LIKE so you can slant your recovery in THAT direction!)

Getting Past Your Past:  The Definitive Workbook to Emotional Healing, Health and Happiness V1 was published by GPYB Productions in 2013.  V2 was updated in 2016 to include GBOT exercises and is only available via download from the website.

The Getting Past Your Past workbook V3  is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD HERE!

It is available in Fillable .pdf and Non-fillable .pdf.  You can print out the Fillable PDF but you can’t fill (on-line or on a device) the non-fillable version. 

The GPYP Booklet Series is a NEW venture to concentrate on the most popular GPYP/GPYB/GBOT subjects. 

The FIRST is now out!  The GPYP Power! Affirmations Booklet is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD HERE!

How to Use the Books and the Workbook To Do The Work

Use THIS PAGE as a guide for doing the work with the books.


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The APRIL 2019 boot camp has started and registration is closed. The next boot camp begins MAY 2019 and THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER BOOT CAMP UNTIL NOVEMBER! If you want to join a future boot camp, please ASK IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP  or PLEASE Email GPYB with subject line: “Boot Camp Information Requested”

The GPYB Stop DV Program is a VERY important of the GPYB program. To find out how you can help – go HERE.


To book a coaching or counseling session with GPYB go HERE

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New semester starts June 1.  Stay tuned!  Power Affirmations, Personality Disorders, Power Boundaries and Family of Origin Issues (including codependency). In September look for the entire GPYB program in a self-paced course.  To be apprised of the release of courses, sign up for the newsletter HERE.


• My journey through the love of my life’s illness and death: Rope Burns

Other Recommended Authors and Self-Care Items

  • Other authors/books/self-care items recommended by GPYB and FB GPYB Group members HERE

GPYB Abbreviations  / Sayings 

GPYB Getting Past Your Breakup Program and Book (see above)

GBOT Getting Back Out There Book (see above)

GPYP Getting Past Your Past Program and Book (see above)

NC No Contact

BH Bananahead

DBOM Dawn Breaks Over Marblehead

Funnies Group (see above)

PD Group (see above)

MLT Mean Lady Talking (podcast)

MLTP Mean Lady Talking Podcast

“It Doesn’t Matter, It Doesn’t Matter, It Doesn’t Matter”  – GPYB mantra – original to the GPYB program – originated in the post no longer available on the blog – but IS available in THIS video

Reject the Rejecter (also spelled Rejector) -(see below) GPYB mantra – original to the GPYB program – originated in the post no longer available on the blog – but IS available in THIS video  and will be the NEXT book!

Wants To Be With Me originated in the post no longer available on the blog – but IS available in THIS video

The 3 a.m. person: GBOT concept – originally described in the GBOT book and the MLT podcasts

Grief As The Healing Feeling – title of Chapter in GPYB book – originated with John Bradshaw

“To find the right person, be the right person” ~ GPYB concept originated (we believe) with Earnie Larsen in his book Stage II Relationships

If nothing changes, nothing changes – tends to be a 12 step slogan – original source unknown  (sometimes attributed to Earnie Larsen)

The “3 time rule” for setting boundaries – believed to have originated with Melody Beattie

You cannot take care of someone’s feelings and set a boundary at the same time – Melody Beattie

Everyone feels their pain at 100 percent. ~ John James (Grief Recovery Institute)

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