Quick & Dirty Guide to Mean Lady Talking Podcast Episodes

Quick and Dirty Guide to What the Mean Lady Is Talking About in Each Episode

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  1. Talking about the history of Getting Past Your Past, Getting Past Your Breakup, and Getting Back Out There and WHY it’s titled Mean Lady Talking
  2. Talking about answers about legal issues and then a discussion about grief, NC, standards and compatibility and the 3 a.m. person
  3. Talking about the FB group getting “mean” and I describe the last abusive episode I ever experienced with my insane mother
  4. Talking about listener mail on “When will I love again?” and the too bad, so sad mail.
  5. Talking about theShoulda/Woulda/Coulda – Grief and BIGTIME Regret.  If only I had….
  6.  Talking About Mail. About “passion” (hoo boy), affairs and second thoughts (more hoo boys), NC with a deranged and suicidal ex
  7. Talking about the struggles of the past and how – even if they are SIDE BY SIDE – you can miss the similarities when you are dysfunctional and not trained in how to recognize it
  8. Talking about when we are the bananahead
  9. A special podcast about feeling the fear and doing it anyway
  10. Talking about left-over anger at the narcissist
  11. Talking about who doesn’t get over it and  how do I know if I’m over it?
  12. Talking about email: 4 letters: 1) hooking up and self-are 2) how to trust yourself again? 3) the un-loveliness of the alcoholic idiot 4) when others tell you to forgive the ex and you’ll feel better but you are STILL so angry!
  13. Talking about the story behind the Mean Lady’s breakup with the twits at Psychology Today and the launch of Navigating the Legal System with a Personality-Disordered Ex series
  14. Talking about the the Aftermath of Breaking Up With A Narcissist First in a Series of 3 (this is separate from the series in 13)
  15. Talking about the Aftermath of Breaking Up With A Narcissist 2nd in the Series (narcissism defined)
  16. Talking about listener Mail About standards and compatibility, and more about the GPYB concept of the “3 a.m. person”
  17. Talking about navigating the Legal System with a Personality-Disordered Ex series part 2
  18. Talking about Self-Esteem, Affirmations, Positive Self-Talk
  19. Talking About Male Stalking Victims
  20. Talking About Standards and Compatibility
  21. Talking About Grief and Our History of Unresolved Losses
  22. Talking About Self-Revelation, Self Deception, Standards in Dating
  23. Talking About Recycling in Breakup Grief
  24. Talking About Is My Boyfriend A Narcissist?

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