Mean Lady Talking Podcast Episode 2 Show Notes

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Show Notes Episode 2:

In these first episodes we’ll be talking about what the podcast is going to be about.  Future episodes will not be as explanatory…but…feel free to email your questions and situations.

In this second episode:

We answer a question regarding legal topics and the difference between legal advice, legal information and legal opinion and a commentary on what judges are doing with regard to child support orders these days.  Because the mean lady is an attorney, she needs to make a disclaimer for the podcasts that will deal with legal issues but there is no attorney/client relationship between the mean lady and the audience (required by New York bar).

What to do if you’re on a lease with someone and there is a breakup starts approximately 4:00 – what you should do if your ex left a bunch of stuff and told you not to touch it

Engagement rings after a breakup approximated 6:10

Child support enforcement starts about 7:50 and goes on to about 15:45.…if you don’t have any issues about that, feel free to skip…then how to ask a legal question for the podcast

If you don’t have any questions about legal issues, lease breaking and child support:

At approximately 16:30 we answer an email about a recent breakup – re-answer about an email from 2006 

Explanation about grief after a breakup starts at 18:45

Detach from what the ex is doing at 24:00

No contact! (included in the detach from the ex)

Self-care starts at 26:00

Standards and Compatibility Inventory approximately at 27:52

The example of a 3 a.m. person at 28:45

How to avoid another mistake starts at 34:10

Using this last relationship as a lesson: 35:20

Recipe for getting over this relationship and getting into a healthy one approximately: 38:11

About a minute of the closing music for you to enjoy when the show concludes…it’s called “Happy Empowering Soul” and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and work on building your HAPPY EMPOWERED SOUL!!!  39:07 – 40:25

Beginning says “explain the origins” (forgot to say I did that in Episode 1… which is where I was going…sorry, I’ll get used to this again….)


Opening and closing music: Happy Empowering Soul by BlackSounds
Voice Over Introduction: Troy Hudson
Podcast Artwork by Alexenia


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If you want to know how I learned to set up the podcast and what YouTubers were helpful and what equipment I use, it’s at the bottom of Episode 1

Mean Lady Talking Podcast Episode 1 Show Notes

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