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This episode is Talking About

Current Mail on the Aftermath of a Breakup and being Angry and Hurt

and Not Forgiving Yourself

This is the podcast that tackles tough questions about relationships, life, love and loss. The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott

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Show Notes for Episode Number 14

The Aftermath of Breaking Up With A Narcissist First in a Series of 3

(this is a separate system from Navigating the Legal System with the Personality Disordered)

What’s in this podcast:

Reader Mail! 

Current Mail on the Aftermath of a Breakup

and Not Forgiving Yourself

Listener email: Starts at 3:10

The Breakup with a Narcissist has severely impacted my ability to be myself.  I am angry and hurt.  How do I forgive myself for allowing him to treat me so badly?


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