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In this episode, we’re talking about

Grief and Loss Part 3 of 3

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What’s in this podcast:

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Grief and Loss  

This Episode Covers A HEALTHY GRIEF PROCESS and what that looks like

Times are Approximate

:15  The first phase of grief is Shock and Denial. The first step is to acknowledge there was a loss.

1:00 When people first start feeling the very strong feelings of grief, they will fight off the feelings.

2:00 Even if you want to reconcile, the relationship you had did not work and has to be grieved.

2:40 The emotions of grief are intense.

3:00 It feels as if the Earth is moving beneath your feet.

3:25  What is a GRIEF PANG?

4:15 It is not physically possible not stop crying.

5:45 Anger is often a response to feeling deprived.

7:50 Are you being irritable or bitter?  Check your expression of anger.

8:20 Guilt: Link to Show Notes for Shoulda Woulda Coulda podcast episode

10:00 Magical thinking, a misguided belief that we have power over the situation

11:20 As the widows review the events leading up to the passing of the husband, many people review (obsessively) what happened before the breakup.

12:15 The Forgetful, Accident Prone, Distracted, Ineffective Griever

12:50 The whole world is disorganized.

17:00 If you break NO CONTACT, you will be stuck in searching.  Resist the URGE TO SEARCH

17:50 The Relationship Inventory requires RIGOROUS HONESTY and you MUST go through the relationship and be honest about good, bad and indifferent.

19:00 The Goodbye Letter.  After the Relationship Inventory, write the good bye letter and make sure everything is said.

19:45 The final phase of grief. Accepting the loss doesn’t mean forgetting or never feeling sad again.

23:31 Because grief is slow and requires great cathartic energy, you must take care of yourself.

25:00 Self-care while you are grieving is necessary.

27:00 It’s really important to find support and throw yourself into recovery.

28:00 The 3 Destinations for Recovery from a Breakup.

28:50 Right after a breakup allow yourself to cry, rest – be gentle with yourself. Balance grieving with self-care. You have to find time and give yourself cues to access your grief.

36;50 Why working through grief makes you a happier and lighter person.

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