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I have been making podcasts for the past few weeks. I’m posting them so that I can put the ones already recorded up on the server. I will begin releasing on Tuesdays and Fridays ONLY once I get all these up.  Right now I have between 10-12 – haven’t listened to the ones left yet…don’t know if they will all make it up.

Episode One

The history of GPYP, GPYB, GBOT etc etc etc

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All credits for all contributors are on all the show notes.

Episode Two

A short question about asking legal questions on the future podcasts and answering an email from long ago but still incredibly relevant.

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To ask a question or send a situation you would like advice on or even to share how the GPYP/GPYB/GBOT program is working in your life here is how to get in touch with me:
Twitter @meanpodcast

Episode Three

My apologies for the quality of the audio. My recording software actually switched from my professional microphone to the laptop microphone….see the difference? My apologies. It was in distribution before I realized what happened. It almost happened again after this but now I check it. LEARNING!

What happens when the entire Facebook group gets MEAN and what happens when you can’t keep your socks straight and it’s midnight and you have the flu and 103 fever?  (You will never ever guess the answer)

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Episode Four

It’s a Friday show and we answer Mail. We Get Mail and Questions From The Questions Post and a BONUS:  Stupid Questions from the Too Sad Too Bad Mailbag

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Episode Five

It’s a Tuesday show and the topic is guilt and regret or “shoulda woulda coulda”

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Because the podcast material was a bit heavy, I leave an extra long outtro musical ending…hope it lifts you up!

Episode Six

It’s a Friday show and LISTENER MAIL!

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Episode Seven

It’s a Tuesday show about trying to win over childhood struggles

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