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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Hosts The Mean Lady Talking Podcast?

The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed., Getting Past Your Breakup, Getting Back Out There and Getting Past Your Past workbook. 

The podcast can be found on:

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The podcast page on Libsyn, complete with all episodes here

The Mean Lady Talking Podcast is syndicated by Libsyn.  If you want to add the feed to your blog or website, the Libsyn RSS feed is here:

Who Syndicates the Mean Lady Talking Podcast?

The Mean Lady Talking Podcast is syndicated by Libsyn.  To add the MLT podcast feed to your website or blog use the Libsyn RSS feed here:

When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Since Season 2 we are striving to put out a new episode every week (sometimes more).  We are not keeping to the same day every week.  SUBSCRIBE on your favorite platform to be informed RIGHT AWAY when a new episode is posted.

Why is the podcast called “The Mean Lady Talking?

For the Answer, Check out Episode 1 HERE

When You Post an Episode To the MLT FB Page or the GPYB FB Group, Why Don’t You Post To the Podcast Itself Instead of the Show Notes pages? 

Because everyone listens on something different. It is not possible to post a direct podcast link for everyone.

Every episode gets a Show Notes page on the blog. On that page is usually a player, sometimes the minutes of the podcast (not always) and a list of platforms. Please listen on your favorite platform and please rate, review and subscribe!  Thank you!

How Can I Find All The Episodes?

There are two GPYB pages listing the content of the MLT podcast:

To see a list of all episodes, complete with links to Show Notes and a player listing all episodes, go HERE

To see the Quick and Dirty Guide to MLT podcast episodes with links to your favorite listener platforms, go HERE

I Want To Ask A Question for the Podcast-

How Do I Do That? 

If you have a question for the podcast, send email to meanladytalkingpodcast at gmail dot com  OR susan at gettingpastyourbreakup dot com.

If you want to suggest a topic for a podcast write “Questions from the Questions Post” for the subject line.

If you want to discuss your situation/breakup with us, you can email the show or you can come ON the show. Either way, send email to the above.

How Can I Help The Podcast? 

The MLT podcast is a labor of love for my readers and a means of thwarting copyright infringers of my work.  But the podcast takes A LOT of effort and money. A 40 minute podcast often takes hours (sometime as much as 5) to edit. I have to pay for the syndication and for some of the platforms that feature it. If I don’t have time to edit, I pay a professional editor to do it. They are very expensive.  After 40+ episodes (many of them with more than one “sub” episode), I have only used professional editors twice.

To flourish and grow and possibly get sponsors, the podcast needs to be more visible as it only started last year.  Please subscribe, rate and review on whatever platform or platforms you listen to it on and please review on the MLT FB page.

My work has been on the internet since 2005 and people have openly and brazenly ripped off the work. I have pulled a lot of articles that have been copied, and I installed Digiprove to copyright it, but it’s still ripped off.  It takes a lot more effort to rip off the podcast, so I am putting a lot of my stuff – topics and subjects from my readers over the years – in the podcast.   But it won’t last if it’s not reviewed. Please review, like etc. as much as you can.  To read reviews others have left go HERE

Also – please SHARE IT with other!  At the bottom of every GPYB blog Episode Show Notes is a social share button and many of the platforms allow you to share or send the episode or show to another. PLEASE do that!

How Do I Leave A Review?

Attention Android users: GooglePlay does not have a review mechanism.  Android users: please leave a review on the podcast app you use OR go to iTunes on your computer or iPad OR go to Stitcher or Soundcloud or TuneIn or iHeartRadio (except for iTunes, all of these platforms are available as apps in the GooglePlay store)

The easiest way to leave reviews:

iTunes ratings and reviews are the MOST influential in the podcast world.  PLEASE rate.  You do NOT have to write words to do so.

Review via iTunes: Link HERE 


Go to the iTunes Store – type Mean Lady Talking in the Search Box

Go down to “Podcasts” and click on the MLT image

On the next page hit Ratings and Review after “Details.”  You do not need to WRITE a review.  You can just click on the stars OR write a review (WE THANK YOU!)

via Stitcher: open a Stitcher account, verify your account in email.  Find the MLT podcast HERE or in Search. Click on ANY episode and then scroll all the way down and write a review. THANK YOU!

via SoundCloud – it is VERY easy.  Make an account. Go to the Mean Lady Talking SoundCloud HERE page and all the episodes will come up.  There is a little heart under each episode. Click and you are done!  Please FOLLOW on SoundCloud by clicking HERE. THANK YOU!

via YouTube – please go to the MLT GPYP Playlist HERE and like the episodes!  If you can also do a review or a like/favorite on another platform, that would be awesome! THANK YOU!

via TuneIn – another VERY easy. It will bring up the episodes with a box to the RIGHT to click on FAVORITE –  when you go HERE   Please click on Favorite and you are DONE! THANK YOU!

via iHeartRadio go HERE and click FOLLOW when it comes up and then under each episode you can supply comments/reviews.  We will include your comments on our Reviews page!  THANK YOU!

Even if you do a like/rate/review on your favorite platform, please ALSO go to the Mean Lady Talking Podcast Facebook Page HERE

What If I Have More FAQ Questions?

For the FAQ – just send along questions.  Put “MLT Podcast Question for the FAQ” in the subject line.

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