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  • Wonderful advice!  Spoiler alert. She’s not really mean. Great no nonsense advice. So happy I found this podcast. Her books have been immensely helpful and kept me off the hamster wheel.Just what I needed to hear…    
  • Excellent, I cannot wait to hear more. Susan, its like you’re sitting there with me and talking. I love it, while my commute is only 8 min, I listened while getting ready this morning. Keep it up! You’re a blessing mean lady  – Jessica A
  • I stumbled onto this pod cast when doing a search on Amazon for help starting over after a terrible divorce followed by a very difficult relationship with a narcissistic man. I am still climbing out of the mess of the relationship but these pod casts are the pep talks that I have been looking for that my friends are too fed up to give! Great advice!!! by llamamama7
  • She really knows her stuff. I have learned so much from this podcast. I hope she can help you as much as she has helped me. I also enjoy her book Getting Past Your Breakup by Mayra C
  • For those folks going through a tough breakup, listen to the Mean Lady Podcasts. Feel like you might be ready to get back out there into the dating world, listen to Mean Lady Podcasts. Susan is an accomplished author of the greatest books on these subjects ever written. Getting Past your Breakup and Getting Back out There are on my recommended reading list for anyone anywhere who may be in this situation. Listen to what she says, she has been there, done that….and she can help you. She has sure helped me!  ~ GPYB Dave
  • This is great ! I feel like I’m listening to a dear friend give no nonsense advice. Thank you.  – Lisa N.
  • These podcasts have been a lifeline to me when I’m traveling. They are all brilliantly done and make things seem so clear. I give credit the “Mean Lady” for telling it like it is and sharing her experiences in a very down to earth and approachable way – it truly feels like these podcasts are speaking to me personally. – – Alison M (member of the FB group).
  • Very helpful for anyone trying to recover from the end of a relationship and heartbreak. -Kathy De
  • Coming from an accomplished author who has been there, done that. Its helpful to hear the truth when you need to hear the real truth, without having it sugar coated for you. – Dave T
  • Her books and supportive talks saved my life!  – Aaron F
  • Wise, supportive tools for healing. Highly recommended. – Martha J
  • Amazingly good – all of them.  – Gwen T
  • I really found this episode helpful. I liked the part about communication. I don’t always speak up when I have an issue with something. And then if I’m not heard or understood for long enough, I blow up and I don’t like who I become. It’s taken me a long time to realize that if you want to work out a compromise, but the other person isn’t interested, then you have your information. That may not be the relationship for you.  – Grace M
  • This is no nonsense break up advice from someone who has been through it all AND has the necessary education and credentials to give sound advice to those in distress from a bad relationship. In addition she has a wealth if training in recovery and shoots from the hip. What I like most about Susan is her experience mixed in with her expertise-and her willingness to laugh at herself. All the drama our emotions create-she helps us put into more appropriate perspective-with her own history and training.I love these pod casts, they are filled with straight talk but also humor and affection. – Aimee S
  • Good honest advice, No BS. ~ Maria S

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