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Getting Past Your Breakup and Getting Back Out There are published by Hachette Book Group, a “big 5” traditional publisher, under the Da Capo Perseus Lifelong Learning imprint.

They are licensed to other publishers in other countries. If you have a question about buying them in another country or from another imprint, please email the AUTHOR here.

They are both available in paperback, electronically and in an unabridged audiobook.

As of 2014, GPYB has been or is being translated into several foreign languages. As the foreign language copies become available, I will list them here. Remember GBOT is NOT a dating book. The Standards and Compatibility Inventory, the Sexual Inventory and many other chapters *should* have been in GPYB but there was NOT room. GBOT is about getting ready for a relationship that is healthy…what one looks like and what YOU need to figure out LONG before you date again. Use both books together. How? The answer is HERE

If it helps you, please please please review both books. The more reviews, the better sales and the more books we can give away to Domestic Violence shelters and give scholarships to GPYB workshops and bootcamps.

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It is available in bookstores, on-line in the United States and throughout the world, including the following sources:

GPYB Amazon U.S. Paperback

GPYB Amazon Kindle U.S.

GPYB Amazon U.S. Audio

GPYB in Polish from Amazon U.S.

GPYB in French from Amazon U.S.

GBOT Paperback U.S. Amazon

GBOT Amazon U.S. Kindle

GBOT Amazon U.S. Audio

Barnes & Noble US – Paperback
Barnes & Noble US – Nook
Barnes & Noble US – Audiobook

Better World Books

GPYB on iTunes/iPad/iBook

GBOT on iTunes/iPad/iBook

Audiobook on iTunes/iPad/iBook

Powell’s Books – Paperback
Powell’s Books – CD
Powell’s Books Adobe Electronic Edition

The Strand NYC

Amazon Canada – Paperback
Amazon Canada – Audiobook

Amazon UK – Paperback
(Amazon UK carries GPYB in French and Polish as well – see below)

Amazon UK – Audiobook

Google Play (Android appp)

Getting Past Your Breakup – in French from Amazon France

Lybrary.com – eBook

Getting Past Your Breakup in French (Amazon.fr)
Getting Past Your Breakup in French (livre.fnac.com) – France
Getting Past Your Breakup in French (Canada)
Getting Past Your Breakup in French (Amazon.uk)
Getting Past Your Breakup in French (Priceminister)

The Nile (Australia)

Wheeler Books (New Zealand)

Boomerang Books (Australia) – Paperback
Boomerang Books (Australia) – CD Audio
Boomerang Books (Australia) – MP3
Boomerang Books (Finch Publishing – Australia) – Paperback

The Polish Bookstore: GPYB in Polish (for those in the US). It is available in Polish in Europe.
GPYB in Polish at upolujebooka.pl
GPYB in Polish from gandolf.com
GPYB in Polish (Amazon.uk)
(a Facebook GPYB page follower who is a translator told me the Polish edition is a very good translation.)

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