When Michael took ill, I informed my very loyal blog readers who had asked to hear our story of finding each other over and over again.  While my readers were going through breakups, a very painful time for them, some seemed hesitant to talk about it in the face of what I was experiencing.

I moved my grieving process over to a new blog so that my readers could feel free to discuss their breakups without comparing it to my loss of my wonderful, loving husband.  Rope Burns was a journey of love for Michael as well as for my very special readers.

Rope Burns is a testament to the most loving, caring, kind, generous, happy-go-lucky guy in the world and the immense impact he had on my life and ideas about love.   I plan to publish this some day – with advice about grief and caretaker trauma.

When you spend every day caring for someone who is slowly leaving you, the impact is incredible. Over the years I have taken great pains to reach out to others who are providing care to their terminally ill loved ones.  I also encourage all who are on that journey to keep a journal, a diary or

Read Rope Burns HERE

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